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Super-Easy DIY Toys You Can Make for Your Child

Want to give your child the option of playing with safe and handmade toys that are customised to their needs? Here are some great ideas for DIY toys which you can easily make at home Remember your little one’s excitement when you first shook a rattle near her ears? Or the quizzical look on your […]

10 Best Ways to Organize Your Kid’s Closet

A tidy and streamlined closet can keep you from losing your mind, not to mention your child’s clothes. Imagine how a peaceful morning would be when you have found every piece of your child’s favorite garment and pair of shoes without a meltdown or dress-up battle. Intelligent and creative kid’s clothes storage ideas help to […]

Which Toys are Best for Your Child?

Some toys engage children while other toys distract. So, how do you choose the right one that will aid in your child’s development? Our expert gives parents some important pointers Today, with the number of toys and gadgets available, there is a huge clutter in our minds as to what best to buy. We would […]

How To Choose The Right Toy For My Child

Are toys just for fun? Think again. Chosen wisely, even a simple and low-cost plaything can help your child experience, explore, discover and grow, says India’s favourite toy maker. Find out how. Toys are magical. They have the power to mesmerise a child, engage her senses, spark her imagination and make learning super fun. Who […]

7 Toys That Improve Your Child’s Brain Activity

Today, children are spoilt for choice when it comes to toys. However, these don’t just keep children engaged, toys can become tools to improve brain activity and cognitive development too. Ever marvelled at the complete concentration of a child trying to solve a puzzle? The utter focus your child displays in that activity can be truly […]