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A Makeup Artist’s Guide To Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

Your ultimate guide to cleaning makeup brushes – straight from a professional! I’ve been around as a makeup artist for quite some time now and by far the most common questions I get asked are to do with cleaning my makeup brushes – namely how to clean them and how often. Given the renewed priority of hygiene in […]

The Right Way to Store Your Skin Care, Makeup and Beauty Tools

If you’re anything like us, you might not give much thought to how you organize your beauty products and tools. Some choose a makeup bag, others pick the medicine cabinet of their bathroom, while others have the luxury of a vanity. Most of the time, as long as those brushes, hair wands and eyeshadow sticks […]

Why Everyone Needs a Mandoline in Their Kitchen

Let’s get one thing straight. A mandolin is that musical instrument that’s been annoying you in REM songs dating back to the 90s. A mandoline—with an e at the end—is a kitchen tool no one should be without. The key benefits to using a mandoline are speed and uniformity in slicing, shredding and sometimes grating. Traditionally used to cut prep […]

5 Benefits of a Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable slicers make the difficult task of cutting the vegetables quite easier. It makes this vegetable slicing and cutting a task of almost no time. Vegetable slicers are quite important and essential equipment of any kitchen and they are a most important need of anyone working with vegetables. These help you to cut the vegetables more […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Eyebrow Trimmer

Self-grooming skills have become more important these days. No, we are not talking about reserving a date for that salon visit. We are talking about how difficult it was to keep your body well-groomed when lockdown commenced and salons were shut. Yes, it brings back memories doesn’t it? The moment salons reopened we all gave […]

6 Must Have Skincare Tools That Are Actually Worth The Money

Today, the beauty industry is growing in a dramatic way and with the proliferation in the dermatological services, people are beginning to scout for the most affordable ways of looking chic without having to break the bank. The significant growth and rise in the use of state-of-the-art technologies have meant a costly venture for people […]