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If you want nails that are super feminine and make a statement, consider embracing the long shapes. Oval, almond, coffin, and lipstick talons are just a few popular options that help elongate your fingers. They’re also exceptionally versatile when it comes to designs and polishes because the length lets you play around a bit and […]


This season, shades of blues are trending on the runways and in everyday street style, making it one of the coolest colors of the year. Manicure is a great way to experiment with new styles and designs, and this is a perfect opportunity to test out some of the hottest looks. If you’re a fan […]

What does your nail polish say about you?

Are you a sexy red? Or a demure ballet pink? Or maybe a bold and daring black? Fact is that whether they’re glammed up with sparkly polish or left unadorned, nails can tell a lot about a person. Try to remember for a moment, what’s your instant assessment when you see someone wearing black nail polish? Now do […]

The Right Way to Store Your Skin Care, Makeup and Beauty Tools

If you’re anything like us, you might not give much thought to how you organize your beauty products and tools. Some choose a makeup bag, others pick the medicine cabinet of their bathroom, while others have the luxury of a vanity. Most of the time, as long as those brushes, hair wands and eyeshadow sticks […]


A fresh manicure is a perfect way to add a little something extra to your outfit. While we will always love ballet slipper pink or a classic red, why not try something a little more adventurous for your next manicure? From subtle chic detailing to bold designs, there is something for everyone with this season’s […]

How to File – Five Basic Nail Shapes

Most clients lean toward one of five basic nail shapes: square, round, oval, squoval, or pointed. Though other blended combinations of these shapes exist, these five are the most common. Use this guide to help you decide on the proper shape for each client and to learn some techniques for filing it just right. THE […]

Quarantine Nails: Bring The Nail Salon To You!

We’ll never take a trip to the nail salon for granted again. Nail salons all across the country have closed down, which has left a lot of our perfectly manicured hands pretty helpless. The question everyone seems to be asking themselves is, “how will I be able to keep up with my self-care needs without […]