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10 Wall Clock Decoration Ideas (With Photos!)

Ranging in style from vintage and industrial to modern and sophisticated, decorative wall clocks make for the perfect pieces of functional accent wall decor. If you’ve got extra wall space to fill, consider a wall clock. Check out this guide for ten wall clock decoration ideas to help you get inspired. 1. Think Big – […]

How-To: Proper Clock Placement

In this age, where every aspect of our lives is becoming increasingly digital by the day, there’s something especially reassuring about all things analog. A well-placed wall clock serves as a helpful reminder to take a break from our screens and savor these precious moments at home. With a silent, continuously sweeping hand, our wall clocks are here […]

Where Should A Clock Be Placed In The Living Room?

So, you’ve found your ideal clock for your living room – but can’t figure out where to put it? Before settling on a home for your dream clock, you should assess the function and style of it. Is it large, small, retro, modern? Does it have a frame? Or is it a standing grandfather clock? […]