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A Makeup Brushes Guide for Beginners: 9 Makeup Brushes and Their Uses

Over the years I developed a deep liking to makeup brushes, one that has me buying 2 brushes that do the exact same thing, just to test out how they perform differently. However, I remain someone who likes basic makeup brushes that are easy to use and quick to give me the results I need. I get a lot of questions […]

How to Do Your Eyebrows Based on Your Natural Shape

The secret to flattering, face-shaping eyebrows is much more obvious than you think: instead of aiming for a look completely different from your current one, enhance what’s already there. That’s right — if you want to know how to do eyebrows as expertly as the celebrities, the best shape to use is almost always your […]


Every night while you’re sleeping, your body goes into reboot mode to repair the damage done during the day to your muscles, immune system, digestive system, and more—and your skin is no exception! While I’m obviously all about daytime beauty, how you treat your skin at the end of the day is major—it can make all the […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In An Eyebrow Trimmer

Self-grooming skills have become more important these days. No, we are not talking about reserving a date for that salon visit. We are talking about how difficult it was to keep your body well-groomed when lockdown commenced and salons were shut. Yes, it brings back memories doesn’t it? The moment salons reopened we all gave […]