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Makeup tips that save time!

If you are a working woman and absolutely hate spending hours on getting ready and putting piles of makeup everyday, here are some quick hacks you could put to use for a quick makeover everyday.– Rushing to work and your hair is too oily? Opt for a dry shampoo.– You can let your sunscreen with […]

Everything you want to know about winter skincare

A skincare routine doesn’t have to be elaborate in order to be effective. But you should develop some kind of skincare routine based on your skin type, daily activities, and nutritional needs so that you can be sure you are taking the very best care of your skin. Following a daily skincare regime will also […]

How to Care for Pearl Jewelry: 13 Tips to Stay Shiny

The captivating luster and classic beauty of pearls can make any piece of fine jewelry shine, but these natural beauties require special care. Proper storage and cleaning are essential, and there are certain products and environmental conditions you’ll need to avoid in order to keep your pearl jewelry looking gorgeous for years to come. Important […]

What’s Causing My Cracked Cuticles and Skin?

There are a number of reasons why you have cracked cuticles and ragged skin around the nails after a professional or home manicure. Cutting Cuticles Never cut cuticles. Even your nail technician should not be cutting your cuticles. Why? The cuticles provide a barrier of protection for the nail bed from damage and from bacterial and […]

Applying Makeup: 10 Tricks to Swear By

Makeup done well can make eyes pop, it can plump up a wrinkled face and play down a large nose. It can even out teenage acne and play down undereye circles. In this article, we’ll show you how to apply makeup, what order it should be applied in and share some favorite tricks along the […]


The A Touch of Beauty team share their top 20 skin tips and tricks… Tip #1Exfoliate, be gentle and use small circular motions. For a deep exfoliation recommend a Microdermabrasion treatment and for home care the Sodashi Enzyme Face Polish 50ml $110.00. Removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin soft and silky. Tip #2Crack […]

The Neck Skin Care Regime You Need Now and Forever

Our neck is one of the most visible parts of our body, yet we often ignore it completely. Ironically, our neck is right below our face.  Haven’t you ever heard people ranting about how we should always apply our moisturizers and SPF down to our necks, well it’s true. Our necks should be a vital […]

Know What’s In Your Makeup: Top 7 Skin Irritants To Avoid

Makeup is a wonderful product that accentuates the natural features and covers imperfections. Women choose makeup based on their skin tone and skin type, and these selections may introduce skin irritants that have a negative impact on the skin. When evaluating cosmetics, it is important to review the ingredients and avoid these unpleasant reactions to […]

Faqs About Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a life changing step one can take. It is the most natural and permanent way to get new hair. This is a quick educational article that I have put together that will help you to answer most of the commonly asked FAQs. Which Are The Methods Used For Hair Transplantation? There are […]

The Benefits Of Eyelash And Eyebrow Tinting

If you have invested most of your morning schedule applying mascara and makeup to fill up your brows, and are in need of an alternative that can save much of your time, then eyelash and eyebrow tinting is your answer. It can be an effective option that can add more drama to your eyes to […]