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6 Rules to Live by When Wearing Black Clothes

If you like to wear black, listen up. Black is great for anyone’s wardrobe and it should be a staple throughout your life, but it comes with a few challenges. Most importantly, different fabrics do not hold black dye as well as others. With this in mind, here are six rules that you should follow […]

Dress for Your Busty Body Type

Are you a busty gal? Do you love your curvy shape but don’t know how to show it off right? Consider these tips to balance your plus-size figure and put everything in proportion! Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 30-45 minutes Here’s How: Identify the characteristics of your busty bod.Busty women may have: A wider back Full arms Softer […]

When Do the New Season’s Clothes Arrive in Stores?

Back-to-school shopping in July? Tropical resort wear in December? Say it with us: fashion can be confusing. That being said, there’s a method to the madness, and while seeing swimsuits in January may seem odd, it’s based on a fairly consistent retail calendar. Surprisingly, the retail cycle is pretty predictable, which works in your favor […]

How To Pick The Right Dress To Wear To A Wedding

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding, especially the right dresses to wear to a wedding, doesn’t have to be tricky. First look for a dress code, then do a little research on acceptable looks for that level of formality or occasion. (Spoiler alert: You probably already have at least one dress in your closet that […]


Mango Skirt Once you try on this Mango model, you will substitute pantsuits for skirts to go to the office. Zara tweed skirt Yes, tweed is the fabric of the season, and also jackets will lead the trend with mini skirts like this one from Zara. Scalpers knit skirt Scalpers have found the perfect formula to achieve […]


We tell you the 10 trends that will mark the autumn-winter 2021-22 season, the styles to follow and how to make them yours, the breath of inspiration for your return to the routine! While you are still acquiring your last summer purchases, fashion firms are already presenting their fall-winter collections and designing those for next […]

Fall/Winter 2022 Trends That Are Perfect for Maternity Wear

Hiding your baby bump is so 2007, and wearing maternity clothes that are all oversized and unfashionable just to hide the adorable baby bump is a thing of the past. It’s 2021, and it’s all about embracing your beautiful baby bump. Thanks to celebrities and fashion bloggers, and embracing the curves that come with the bump because […]

The Colors That Pop For Each Skin Tone

Sometimes choosing what to wear can be the most difficult thing, very often choosing the colours and matching the colours together can be tricky. What colour looks best on me? Does this colour make me look dull? What pants should I wear if I’m wearing this colour, for example, yellow? With different skin tones, we are all beautiful and […]

A Preview Of Upcoming Fall 2021 Trends

Fall is almost around the corner, and with a change of season comes the responsibility of changing up your closet. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to change the entirety of it but purchase or discover garments that complement the next season. This is a preview on upcoming fall trends, and stuff we’d genuinely like […]

How to Style an Oversized Tee for Your Body Type

Some days, all we want to do is wear something roomy and comfy for the rest of the day, but we also want it to fit our body type and look stylish. What I’m talking about is an oversized tee, which can be dressed for a quick errand or if you’re going somewhere fancy; in this article, you’ll […]