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Are Your Makeup Habits Harming Your Skin? Tips To Avoid Skin Problems

Are you wondering what is it doing wrong when it comes to makeup that could be damaging your skin? Here are some of the common problems you might face when you apply makeup regularly. As we move ahead with changing times, one thing that has become a favourite among many is makeup. But not doing […]

6 nighttime skincare tips you must follow

Do you think it is okay to ignore your skin at night? Do you completely skip skincare at night? You will get gorgeous skin during the day only after you follow these nighttime skincare tips before you fall asleep. Most of us pile our skin with sunscreens, foundations, BB creams, CC creams, day moisturizers and makeup […]

Have thin brittle nails? Follow these tips to make them stronger and better

None of us like nails that are splitting, chipping, bending or breaking on a daily basis, it just doesn’t look good. However, chances are that you are also not paying too much attention to your nail health and ignoring the much needed TLC brittle nails need. We spoke to Mumbai-based dermatologist Dr Saumya Shetty Hegde, Roots Skin Clinic to […]

Do you share cosmetics with your friends? Here are a few scary reasons to stop doing so

Makeup products are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and can invite a lot of skin problems and other infections like acne, stye, conjunctivitis, cold sores and others. You can get herpes as well. Dr Apratim Goel, dermatologist and laser surgeon Director, Cutis skin studio, Mumbai, tells us why we shouldn’t share cosmetics. “If someone […]

Night-Time Beauty Rituals That Will Make You Glow

Sleep is necessary for your beauty but so is a nightly beauty routine. We reveal a few secrets to a proper night-time skin care ritual. Your skin is under constant attack from all kinds of pollutions during the day. Environmental pollution, exposure to the sun, the makeup you use, everything takes a toll on your […]

6 monsoon make-up mistakes you should say goodbye to

Well, the hot and sultry summer days have given way to the soothing monsoon. The much-awaited rains are good enough reasons to celebrate. But if you think that the monsoon showers are going to wash away your make-up woes, then you are mistaken. The rainy days can actually give you drippy, runny and patchy make-up, thanks to […]

The Hair Color Trends of 2022 That Will Have You Running to the Salon

Changing your hair color is always a good idea when you want to feel fresh. It’s also a great way to welcome Eid holiday and celebrate in style. Hair color trends of 2022 are mostly simple and classic, with a few bold ideas here and there. Some of the hair color ideas below will also help those of you who […]

8 Pearl Nail Polish Ideas to Try for a Very Pearly Look

Since nail art has been insane over the last few years, this year there is a whole new trend of adding pearls to your nails. Yes, real pearls! With their classically feminine design, the cute jewels can elevate your ordinary manicure. You could also use pearly white (or any color) nail polish. So, I’m here to help you and to provide […]


In 2022, we want pep’s and it’s happening in the brushstroke! The Peachy Makeup and its fake minimalist airs raise the temperature! It t’s hard not to have seen it in the beauty sphere, the Peachy make-up was the big guest of Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2022. Since then, it has been omnipresent on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest feed. This […]


You are ultimately the best doctor you will ever have. No one else walks around in your body, diagnosing and treating minor aches and pains, deciding what requires further intervention and what will get better with time. However, Mother Nature didn’t endow human beings with a pre-installed medical dictionary in their treatment cortex. You have […]