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What’s Causing My Cracked Cuticles and Skin?

There are a number of reasons why you have cracked cuticles and ragged skin around the nails after a professional or home manicure. Cutting Cuticles Never cut cuticles. Even your nail technician should not be cutting your cuticles. Why? The cuticles provide a barrier of protection for the nail bed from damage and from bacterial and […]

How to Get Rid of Dark Pores on the Legs

Actress/talk show host Raven-Symone has this problem. She calls them “strawberry legs”—the dark pores that resemble dark dots on the legs. Just like strawberries with tiny spots covering the fruit’s surface, dark pores can be quite noticeable on the legs, especially on light or olive skin tones. The medical term for these pores is open comedones. These […]

6 Rules to Live by When Wearing Black Clothes

If you like to wear black, listen up. Black is great for anyone’s wardrobe and it should be a staple throughout your life, but it comes with a few challenges. Most importantly, different fabrics do not hold black dye as well as others. With this in mind, here are six rules that you should follow […]

6 Trendy Lipstick Tips for Older Women

It happens to every woman: Lips become thinner as you get older, and you may develop fine lines around your mouth. Lip injections are one way to keep your kisser looking plump. But there are also a few simple lipstick, gloss, and liner tricks that’ll keep your lips looking younger and fresher.​ Exfoliate and Moisturize […]

Dress for Your Busty Body Type

Are you a busty gal? Do you love your curvy shape but don’t know how to show it off right? Consider these tips to balance your plus-size figure and put everything in proportion! Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 30-45 minutes Here’s How: Identify the characteristics of your busty bod.Busty women may have: A wider back Full arms Softer […]

What to Wear with Ankle Boots for Women

Do you fall in love with a new pair of ankle boots each year but wonder how you can wear them so they are flattering? They are some fashion watchers’ least favorite styles of women’s footwear. They earn this reputation not for how they look themselves, but for how they are worn, which is often in the […]

When Do the New Season’s Clothes Arrive in Stores?

Back-to-school shopping in July? Tropical resort wear in December? Say it with us: fashion can be confusing. That being said, there’s a method to the madness, and while seeing swimsuits in January may seem odd, it’s based on a fairly consistent retail calendar. Surprisingly, the retail cycle is pretty predictable, which works in your favor […]

Applying Makeup: 10 Tricks to Swear By

Makeup done well can make eyes pop, it can plump up a wrinkled face and play down a large nose. It can even out teenage acne and play down undereye circles. In this article, we’ll show you how to apply makeup, what order it should be applied in and share some favorite tricks along the […]

8 Steps to Your Perfect Eye Makeup

It feels like applying eye makeup is pretty intuitive, for the most part. That is, until you step outside or check Instagram only to see just how much better you could be. You might watch YouTube tutorials, or follow makeup artists, but there are always more insider tricks you can use to amp up your eye game. But before […]

How To Pick The Right Dress To Wear To A Wedding

Figuring out what to wear to a wedding, especially the right dresses to wear to a wedding, doesn’t have to be tricky. First look for a dress code, then do a little research on acceptable looks for that level of formality or occasion. (Spoiler alert: You probably already have at least one dress in your closet that […]