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How to Choose Quality Makeup Brushes

Are you a cosmetics aficionado? Do you know the difference between liquid foundations and pressed powder? Do you know how to make your eyes pop? If you own the perfect shade of lipstick and blush for every dress in your closet — well, you probably know your makeup. According to the Global Cosmetics Industry Magazine, cosmetics generate […]

How to Be Stylish in a Hoodie

Method 1 Selecting a Hoodie Style Choose a plain hoodie in a dark, neutral color. Hoodies are typically considered to be casual garments, but an easy way to instantly dress them up and add some style is by choosing a dark color like black or dark gray. Dark, plain colors will automatically upgrade the hoodie’s appearance […]

How to Choose Foundation Shade According to Skin Tone in 4 Steps

Why am I glowing like a light bulb?Why does the color of my face and neck look so different from each other?God, this makeup is making me look so dark!When I did my makeup everything was fine, but why is it making me look so dull now? The reason for all these problems is just […]

25 Awesome Clothing Tips No Woman Should Ever Miss

It’s Friday night and you’re searching through your wardrobe to put together the right outfit, but you just can’t seem to find anything that matches. Sound familiar? This is the kind of struggle all women have, but things don’t have to be too complicated. You can make your life a lot easier with some clever […]

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Smartwatch

Choosing the perfect smartwatch  Choosing the perfect smartwatch is not as simple as it used to be. Besides a huge choice of colours, styles and materials, the technology in smartwatches is evolving all the time. A smartwatch is usually a considered purchase. So, this article is aimed at helping you through the decision-making process. Highlighting […]

Bye Bye Boring Makeup! Euphoria Inspired Beauty Transforms the NYFW Runways

New York Fashion Week sets the stage for the season’s upcoming clothing trends. However, beauty inspiration can also be found on the runway and this year the makeup has been anything but dull. The beauty looks from fashion week have been inspired from the popular show Euphoria. The show is known for its experimental beauty looks which have […]

How to: Pick the Perfect Prom Shoe

Now that you have that dreamy prom dress, it is time to focus on the details! How will you do your hair, your makeup and what jewelry will you add? Don’t forget the shoes! Your shoes are a great way to add individuality to your look, and also bring your look together. If you are worried about finding those […]

2020 Fall Fashion Trends

We might be enjoying the hot summer weather rn, but before you know it, fall will behere. And yes, that means we’ll have to swap out our bikinis for a little extra coverage (hello sweater weather). There’s no need to pout though because all of the 2020 fall fashion trends ahead are mega fun, so […]

Better Brows and Lashes

How to Get Perfect Brows Craving a movie star’s eyebrows? The perfect brow size and shape for your face depends on your own features. If your brow were divided into thirds, the thick end should start at the base of your nose. The arch should be around the middle of your eye. The thin end […]

what to wear to college everyday

Today’s world has gone with a limitless fashion transformation. Every year or even every month brings new fashion trends and styles that become fashion statements all over. Bollywood actresses have inspired millions of women with their clothing trend and today it becomes many women’s signature styles. In any fashion style that seems trendy to their […]