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Have you tried the monochromatic nails?

Monochromatic nails are one of the fastest and most enjoyable ways to wear your nail colour. It’s a technique for painting your 10 fingernails in a variety of colours. There was a time when painting the same colour on eight nails and doing a nail art of your choice on the remaining two fingers was […]

What causes hair loss in teenagers

We have noticed that while many of us face hair loss at a later stage of our life, there are many who start losing their hair as teenagers.Hair Loss or baldness is something that usually only adults need to worry about, but sometimes teens start losing their hair too, and yes definitely it may be a sign […]

Ageing problems :Tips to maintain healthy and young skin

Ageing is a gradual change that occurs over a period of time. Skin being the largest organ and our external covering, shows the most visible signs of ageing. Most of us feel much younger and more energetic than the reflection that stares back at us from the mirror. So how do we age? Ageing is […]

10 easy tips to strengthen your nails

Do you fancy long and strong nails? Well, who doesn’t! but guess what! It’s not easy to achieve the nails of your dreams. But it’s not impossible. A few tips and tricks can help to grow some beautiful nails which are not just beautiful but equally strong. Here are a few tips that you can […]

How to deal with postpartum hair fall

The joy of becoming a mother is incomparable! All the pain and problems that you undergo during your pregnancy phase fades away as you hold your child in your arms. As you settle down in a routine whichinvolves majorly taking care of your child, postpartum hair loss is a serious condition faced by majorityof the women. Thicker, […]

Perfect skincare for tweens and teens

When you are in your Teens means (Age 13 – 19) or nearing your teens, it is called Tween (Age group between 8 to 12), you must learn to nurture and pamper your skin every single day with the suitable technique and products. You just need to remain aware of the condition, changes that your body is […]

How to protect your hair from heat in summer

As the months of June and July draw in close, the sweltering sun looms over our heads. As much as we want, it’s impossible to hibernate and stay at home in the comfort of our beloved air conditioners all day. But going out into the sun means subjecting yourself to a possible toll on your […]

How to Survive Underboob Sweat This Summer?

Healthily speaking, boob sweating is good for your body because this is how you stay cool on excessively hot summer days or after an intense workout. However, hygienically speaking, boob sweat that’s dripping down your chest and wetting your clothes can make you extremely uncomfortable. Besides, it can cause irritation and itching, which can ruin your summer days. That […]

Should You Use Hardwood Floors in Kitchens and Bathrooms?

Hardwood floors offer a number of benefits. They are both incredibly beautiful, and incredibly easy to clean. They are a great option for allergy sufferers as carpets can aggravate symptoms. Even homeowners without allergies can enjoy the seamless look of hardwood flooring.However, water can easily damage or warp these types of materials. So, is it […]