Dry And Dull Skin On A Vacation? Do Away With Your Skincare Woes With These Easy-To-Follow Tips

Travelling? Did you know that travelling can be the most harmful and dehydrating for your skin?

Heading off for a vacation to the beaches or the mountains? The change in temperatures from one city to another can affect your skin in noticeable ways. This is why continuing your skincare regime on your vacation is even more important than your daily skincare back home.

Getting a facial before travelling is just not enough to keep your skin glowing and healthy. Travelling is all fun but the travel stressors, temperature difference, change in diet and schedule can make a huge difference and can dull your glow.

Tips To Tackle Dull And Dry Skin On A Vacation

Here are a few tips by Dr Noopur Jain, MD Dermatology, founder and consultant Dermatologist at Skinzest, to keep your skin away from travelling woes.


Staying hydrated is not always just for the body but it also plays a major role in keeping the glow on your face. Without an adequate amount of water intake, the skin appears to be dull and dry.


Moisturizers are well known to keep the skin hydrated and away from drying out. No matter how oily or dry your skin is, choosing the right kind and amount of moisturizer can change your skincare game. Moisturizers are to be gently massaged into the skin and neck, not forgetting your hands as they repair the skin and help in making your skin feel and look healthy.


Be it the beaches or deserts, cities or the countryside, sunscreens are to be made your best friends not only while you’re on a vacation but on a daily basis. Sunscreens usually play a major role in protecting our skin from harmful UV Rays. UV radiation can cause sunburns and also lead to skin cancer. Thus using sunscreen can minimize contact.

Handy lip balm

A perfect selfie with a fun pout can never go wrong. But chapped lips? They can really drop down your selfie game. Change in temperature can really dry out your lips thus carrying a handy lip balm to keep your lips hydrated and soft is important.

Exfoliate and cleanse

While on a vacation your skin tends to dry out and collect dirt from the atmosphere more than usual. Thus following a good cleanse and gently exfoliating the skin with your usual skincare products can shed away dry and dead skin and make your skin appear fresher.


A quick sheet mask that is very handy to carry can be used before you start your day. All you have to do is put on the sheet mask and leave it on for a while. After 20 minutes you can take the mask off and massage the leftover serum into your face for a good glow and hydration.

Micellar water spray

Just washing your face using a face wash cannot take all the make-up and dirt off as throughout the day it gets penetrated into the outer layers of the skin. Thus using a Micellar water spray before washing your face can help remove the make-up and dirt off easily using a cotton pad without rubbing the skin.


Good care is taken of your face and hair but what about the rest of your body? Stepping back into your hotel room after a tiresome day you can hop in for a quick shower and unwind. A good cleanse followed by moisturizing your body can go a long way, letting you wake up fresh and break out free.

While on a vacation, do try these tips out and notice how healthy and bright your skin appears!

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