Easy Outfits for a Rainy Day That Are Actually Really Chic!

I think we can all agree that winter outfits top anything when it comes to chic fashion. However, when it’s pouring rain, sometimes we find it hard to balance between practicality and chic outfits. Why does it have to be either or? Well, thank god for street style, because it has once again proven that rainy day outfits can look as good as any other winter outfit and there are a few tips we can take into account to help us manage that ourselves. 

So, here are a 6 easy ideas for outfits for a rainy day that look really cool…

1. A Quilted Coat but Make It a Statement

rainy day outfit ideas

Image Credits: Who What Wear, Pinterest 

It’s sometimes too risky to wear your favorite wool coat on a muddy rainy day, especially if you live in a dusty or polluted city. So you could opt for a quilted coat, which is the new trend. A quilted coat can look really cool and serve as an outfit statement on its own. Find one in a bright color, such as yellow, or if color isn’t your thing, go with black.

2. Boots

rainy day outfit ideas

Image Credits: Who What Wear, Instagram @greceghanem

If you live somewhere muddy or you know you’re going to be outside walking all day, then boots are the way to go. They’re not just practical and protective, they actually look really cool. They go with everything and anything; just make sure to wear long boots on rainy days.

3. Leather pants 

rainy day outfit ideas

Leather is a trend that will never go out of style and will always be in. How about wearing your leather pants on a rainy day? They are definitely statement pants! You can wear your leather pants with a puffy jacket and boots or with a sweatshirt and sneakers. When it comes to colors, you have a lot of options.

4. A Trench Coat 

rainy day outfit ideas

Image Credits: Instagram @sophiabrenn, @thatgirlyusra

Can you ever go wrong with a classic trench coat ensemble? No, I don’t think so. They are ideal if you dislike wearing bulky clothes in the winter; they are a light option that will keep you warm on a rainy day, and you have as many styling options as you can think of.

5. A Long Puffer Jacket 

rainy day outfit ideas

Image Credits: Instagram @ada_oguntodu, @chloepierreldn

A waterproof long puffer jacket is an excellent choice for a comfortable casual look because it is extremely warm, which is essential on a rainy day. A long puffer jacket with a dress and boots is a very chic look for a casual look. Wear a hoodie with leggings, boots, and, of course, your long puffer jacket for a laid-back look.

6. A cool pair of pants

rainy day outfit ideas

Image Credits: Pinterest 

A cool pair of pants is very in right now, and it’s a great way to brighten up your outfit on a gloomy day. If you’re going to work, a pair of printed pants would be ideal. It will also look great on a rainy day if you want a more casual look. It all comes down to how you pair your pants, but whatever you choose will look great on you.

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