Living room trends 2022 – key interior decor trends and top styling tips

Follow the latest living room trends to give living rooms a refresh for the year ahead. Decor trends offer all the inspiration needed to rethink your home, whether that’s redefining the entire space with on-trend paint shades and investing in this season’s so-now bouclé sofas, or simply upgrading soft furnishings with the latest looks.

Discover the top living room trends for 2022

The emerging new trends for living room ideas in 2022 have something for everyone. You can choose the tranquil, relaxing back-to-nature looks that see you incorporating earthy colours and succulents or get creative with the maximalist vibe, from multicoloured rugs to mix-and-match soft furnishings.

Whatever trend you choose, you can’t go wrong because it’s all about self expression and making the most of the space to create your own version of a happy home.

1. Zoning areas for work, rest and play

living roomView colours

Our homes have never had to work harder than in recent years, especially living rooms – becoming home offices, home schooling hubs and an entertaining space. As a result the emerging trend of zoning is set to be an ongoing way of making sure our living rooms perfectly suit our multifaceted lifestyles.

Whether a single or open-plan area the use of thoughtful zoning allows homeowners to create divisions and individual spaces to cater for work, rest and play. Methods like non-permanent room dividers, well-placed rugs and furniture layouts can help to provide separation without entirely enclosing dedicated spaces.

2. Calming Japandi interiors

Japandi living room trendView colours

Japandi is an east-meets-west trend that combines relaxing, minimalist décor with a neutral palette and natural materials to create a restful retreat for our living spaces.

‘Japandi’s calming interior style encourages slow living,’ Rebecca Snowden, Interior Style Advisor at Furniture And Choice. ‘With a huge shift in lifestyles, many of us have been looking for ways to lead a more balanced life.’

‘One of the aspects of Japandi interiors is to reconnect with nature to boost our overall wellbeing. Channel this in the dining room with an oak dining table, linen tablecloth, earthen tableware and wooden cutlery. Touches of greenery complete the look.’

3. Blurring the lines between outside and in

grey living room with plants surrounding sofaView colours

Welcoming the outside in is one trend that is going from strength to strength for 2022. Dressing our homes with house plant ideas proves as popular as ever as homeowners strive to create a sense of calm for indoor living spaces, by being surrounded by nature.

‘We’ll see the continuation of bringing the outdoors in, especially as we spend more time at home,’ shares Nina Findly at Homebase. ‘Expect our rooms to be full of succulents which are easy to care for, and larger leafy plants which add a sense of escapism, calm and relaxation to our living rooms.’

You might want to add some gardening shows to your TV programming, to help nurture your green thumb.

4. Blue sky thinking

blue living room with neutral sofa and plantsView colours

The Dulux colour of the year is a fail-safe way of determining the colour trends for the year ahead. For 2022 the colour is inspired by blue skies; ‘Right now, people want to feel revitalised and enjoy the freedoms that are returning to them, to look out and bring in new ideas. What better inspiration can we take than the endless skies around us?’ says Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux UK.

‘Whereas previously, neutral tones have been the most popular for living rooms, soft and versatile shades such as rose pink and sky blue have seen a surge in popularity for the coming season,’ explains Helen Shaw, director of Benjamin Moore UK. ‘Blue works perfectly in busy spaces where you look to form a sense of tranquility, such as a chaotic family living room idea.

‘Blue is one of the colours that require our eyes to do little-to-no adjusting, which will help to create a feeling of restfulness and harmony in the home. Not only does the shade bring a sense of calm, but it is also vibrant, injecting more life and energy into a space than a more traditional neutral tone.’

5. Rethinking lighting choices

red living room with wall paneling and orange sofa View colours

Rightly so living room lighting ideas are being more considered for transforming the decor, without the need for decorating at all.

‘Extended time at home has opened our eyes to the impact different styles of lighting have on our spaces’ explains  Kate Grant, Senior Lighting Buyer at Habitat. ‘We’re now seeing much more adventurous shopping in this area as people explore designs beyond pendants and table lamps.’

‘Sales of sconce lights have increased by over 40% since the start of September, and this surprisingly isn’t limited to home owners. There’s high demand for plug-in options that attach to walls and even clamp lighting for headboards, as renters look to create atmospheric looks without the hassle of rewiring.’

‘In a move away from purely functional designs, customers are increasingly opting for lamps which operate as stylish objets even when switched off’ says Anna Cross, Buying Manager for Habitat. ‘Bold, sculptural styles are an easy way to instantly elevate living spaces through an injection of personality. Pair two lamps together to frame larger pieces of furniture such as sofas.’

6. Coordinating colour

Teal living room with matching coloured radiatorView colour

The trend for coordinating colour is a great way to make everything in our homes feel more stylish. Take radiators for instance, an essential item but often not one we consider to be part of the decor. This emerging trend sees radiators become more inclusive in the decor, by matching the wall colour.

Rather than radiators standing out for all the wrong reasons, because they jar with living room colour schemes, this new trend makes them part of the colour scheme. The Radiator Company for instance can take your chosen paint colour and expertly create a power coated finish to colour coordinate with the paint throughout your home.

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