When the sun sets on espadrilles and bronzed skin it’s time to trade out your summer makeup and opt for a winter look and routine that fits the season. From glitter encrusted liquid liner to high contrast eyes and lips here’s how to change things up for the winter months:


Summer humidity often means there’s plenty moisture to go around. You probably used a matte foundation to keep the shine down. But winter is approaching and it’s time to change up your foundation. Choose one high in moisture that will give you a summertime glow in the dead of winter, while also providing the drink your skin craves all winter. A great winter foundation will cover up blemishes and flaky skin, moisturize, and prepare your skin for your regular makeup routine. And just because the sun doesn’t seem to be shining as brightly doesn’t mean it isn’t. Make sure to choose a foundation with SFP protection.


The winter season is often a time for party overload and bold attire.  So naturally your makeup should match the season. Forget the glitter makeup you played dress up. Opt for an illuminating eyeshadow or eyeliner. You can get as bold as you want. If you want to keep things subtle, use a solid eyeshadow and try a glitter-infused eye pencil or liner. Around the holidays, there are plenty of liquid glitter liners to choose from including rose golds and electric blues. Push the envelope with a color saturated with glitter to make your eyes shine as bright as a diamond!


Red lips are classic, but this winter, try a burgundy, mauve, or fuchsia hue. With the variety of lipstick colors and textures available, you can choose a bold lip in matte or use a high shine gloss to add in a touch of festive. The holiday season brings an excess of holiday parties and exchanges. Use a lip stain to carry you from one party and side-kiss to the next without the need for touch-ups. Pro tip: Get your best lip look by properly taking care of your lips—especially in the winter. Exfoliate regularly and treat your lips with a rich balm with added SPF. If you’re applying the balm just before the lipstick, make sure you remove the excess with some facial tissue to ensure a better hold.


Try unexpected color combinations now: bright pink and ultraviolet, electric orange and soft green. Use your eyeshadow or your eyes and lips to create color gradients that contrast. For example, use a bright blue eyeshadow and navy liner to off-set a deep orange lipstick. Remember the color wheel in elementary school? But if contrasting is too wild, try to use color variations on a monochromatic scale.

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