Gym Makeup Routine: 5 beauty hacks to wear makeup to the gym

Did you know that you can cheat your way through wearing makeup even while working out at gym? Yes, we know that exercise and makeup does not go hand in hand. But that should not stop you from using some basic makeup products to look pretty while working out hard in your gym. All you need  to keep in mind is that you have to use oil-free makeup products, so that your skin can breathe. Otherwise the oil-based makeup will trap all the sweat under your makeup, leaving you at the risk of acne outbreak. The following makeup tips will show you how to wear makeup to your gym

1. Do your eyebrows

Start with your eyebrows. Use your brow kit and using an angular brush start filling eyebrows using brow powder. Starting from the arch outline the top and bottom of your brow. Try to add more volume towards the edge of your brows to give a natural look. Stay within the margins of your natural brow and use a spoolie brush to blend in the makeup. If you are not very good at this use an eyebrow stencil. Once you are done use clear brow setting formula to set the makeup on your brows. 

2. Use concealer

Use a waterproof concealer so that you can be sure that even while sweating it out at the gym, your makeup will not be all over your face. Use the concealer to cover any blemishes or pimples and keep your complexion on point. You can also use a mix of foundation and moisturizer if you do not want to use concealer. 

3. Apply waterproof mascara

One thing that you absolutely don’t want it the makeup melting on your face due to all the sweating. So instead of your regular mascara, use a waterproof one. Apply one coat, then dust some translucent powder on top of your lashes and then apply another coat. This will give you instant volume. 

4. Use blush or bronzer

To add that little pop of color on your face, sweep on a light amount of bronzer or blush. Using a little bit of blush or bronzer will instantly brighten your skin up by giving that natural glow to your cheekbones. It will highlight your cheekbones and contour your face. At the same time, it will add a subtle flush for the natural glow on your skin. 

5. Use tinted lip balm

Ditch the lipstick for the gym workout routines, instead use a tinted lip balm. Your lips can go pale and dry while you sweat it out at the gym. So using a lip balm will keep them moisturized and the tinted lip balm will also give you a nice color along with the glow. Try to avoid using a lipstick, a lip balm looks more natural. 

These makeup hacks will keep you looking fabulous even when you sweat it out at the gym. But make sure that  you don’t over-do it with makeup at the gym!


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