Which Shoes Should I Wear During Pregnancy

Expecting a baby is not only one of the most exciting times in your life it is also an experience like no other. For all the amazing experiences during pregnancy there are a few difficult times to get through such as feeling less confident with your appearance, struggling with back pain or suffering with swollen ankles. As a pregnant woman your body will go through many changes and a few simple changes to your maternity footwear can really help relieve many of these aches and pains. We have some fantastic tips to help you choose the most comfortable and reliable shoes whilst keeping your own sense of personal style…

Do I Need Maternity Shoes?

Should I Wear Maternity Shoes

During pregnancy your body is going through so many different changes in preparation for your baby’s birth. Your body shape is changing; your weight increases and the centre of gravity changes meaning you will walk differently. Pregnancy can put a lot of strain on your feet, back and ankles so the right footwear is absolutely essential. It has been proven that just changing your heels for a low, sturdier heel or by wearing flats can actually help ease those aches. Just like maternity clothes, it’s a good idea to invest in a few pairs of maternity friendly shoes, they don’t have to be too expensive and here at Shoes Corners we have some fab styles for less so you’ll have a few extra pennies to put towards those bigger purchases such as a cot or pushchair.

Choosing Shoes For Swelling or Swollen Feet

If you are suffering with swollen ankles and feet then we have a few top tips to help you keep comfy. During your third trimester you are more likely to suffer with these symptoms but being prepared can really help.

For swollen feet choose a pair of shoes in a size or two bigger to ensure there is plenty of room, always purchase these in the afternoon or evening when your feet will have already become swollen through the day to give you a good idea of what size to go for. Buying shoes bigger gives your feet plenty of space to breathe and avoid any painful tightness or blisters. If you find that they are a little too big then wearing an extra pair of socks will ensure a good fit. Don’t forget to check out the wider fitting range too, these can be a fantastic and welcome addition to your maternity wardrobe.

Try and go for shoes that are easy to get on and off, laces are all well and good in early pregnancy but in the later stages your baby bump might get in the way of you reaching your feet. Choose easy to slip on and off shoes, it’ll make life a lot easier. If you can’t find a slip on shoe you like then a style with Velcro straps can also help with getting shoes on a little easier and they are also adjustable which means you can wear them throughout your whole pregnancy. Choosing the right material is also crucial; feet become hot during pregnancy so choose lightweight shoes and breathable materials to help keep your feet cool and comfortable.

Support is very important when expecting a baby, try and choose shoes with ankle and foot arch support. Simply changing your footwear can help alleviate the pain swollen feet and ankles brings. If your shoes are not giving you the support you need invest in ankle or foot supports from your local pharmacy. Take the time to look and try on different styles until you find the ones you are looking for.

Comfortable Shoes For Pregnancy

Which Shoes Are Comfortable For Expectant Mothers

Just because you are pregnant it doesn’t mean you have to completely sacrifice your own personal style, you can look stylish and keep your feet comfy! For early pregnancy you can carry on wearing the same shoes you have always worn, ballerinas and small heeled shoes are perfect for keeping your feet comfy and also reassuring to you, early pregnancy can bring with it dizzy spells so practical shoes are a must.

High heels are probably best avoided during your pregnancy, again with your weight increasing and your body shape changing you may have to alter the way you walk which could leave you feeling less confident on your feet in heels. Ligaments are looser when pregnant making your joints unstable and muscles susceptible to strains so caution is needed wherever possible. High heels also increase your risk of a fall, being pregnant can make you feel slightly more clumsy than usual so take that into account when choosing your footwear. If you can’t ditch your heels altogether, say you have a wedding or a meeting at work, then a chunky low heel will give you more support than a normal heel.

Maternity Break Blue

Maternity shoes don’t have to be boring and it is important to keep your identity, choose delicate ballerinas with pretty lace and diamante detailing for a stylish evening look. If the weather is a bit cooler than a pair of flat ankle boots will not only look fantastic but your feet will be super comfy all night and just think, when you get home and kick off your shoes a nice pair of cosy slippers will soothe any aches away.

Walking is one of ‘the’ best exercises to do when you’re carrying a baby, it is extremely beneficial to your health getting your blood pumping and helping you get a better night’s sleep, later on in pregnancy if your baby is overdue walking is fantastic to help things get moving, however do not do it in inadequate shoes. Choose a pair of canvas shoes in bold colours and eye-catching patterns for those easy walks. If you feel your canvas shoes are looking a bit boring jazz them up with coloured laces and fabric pens. For even more comfort a pair of bright lightweight trainers will give you a spring in your step, these are made for comfort and feel amazing on. The laces are perfect for adjusting, should you need to loosen them and with the breathable mesh material and grip sole you can rest assured that your feet will be safe and comfortable.

For the later stages of pregnancy you may have forgotten what your feet look like! With baby now getting bigger getting your shoes and on and off can sometimes turn into a two person job. An easy pair of slip on shoes will feel like a god send they will also come in handy for that dash to the hospital when baby decides to make an appearance. It might also be a good idea to invest in some mule slippers for your time in hospital so you do not have to walk around with bare feet and can easily slip them on and off.

The Best Work Shoes For Pregnancy

Work Shoes For Mums to Be

As much as we want to sit at home in our PJ’s eating chocolate and relaxing life goes go during those nine months you are carrying your baby and sometimes a smart look is required for work. Finding shoes that look smart and are still comfortable on your feet can be a bit of a chore however with our advice those days are long gone.

If you know you are going to be on your feet for long periods of time then a pair of flats whether it is loafers, moccasins or a pair of trusty ballerinas these will be perfect for you. Choose a pair that are not going to feel too tight as your feet swell during the day. Play with different colours and textures such as patent or matte to give your look a stylish twist. As we mentioned, if you have an important meeting and want a dressier look, a chunkier smaller heel will give you that look, just be sure to pack a pair of flats for the rest of the day to give your feet a much needed rest.

A low wedge shoe is a great alternative to heels and will not only look fashionable but they will be kind to your feet too, why not choose a plain style and dress them up? Don’t forget to avoid heavy materials such as leather as these will make your feet far too hot and increase the swelling. If you’re not suffering with swollen feet or ankles but you are experiencing more aches than normal simply adding a new insole or gel pad into your shoes can make all the difference. It’s about having a play around and seeing what works best for you and your feet.

Summer & Winter Pregnancy Shoes

Pregnant in Summer and Winter

It can be exciting knowing you are going to have a Summer baby and even more exciting when a Winter baby is on the way however, the weather can play havoc with your style and comfort. With your body going through so many different changes knowing what to wear during those hot and cold months can really bamboozle you. We want you to be as comfortable as possible so here’s our top tips.

Summer Pregnancy

What Shoes to Wear For Summer Mum to Be

Summer can be really tough on expectant mothers, with the hot and humid weather, keeping cool is essential. Sandals will become your best friend during this period, choose pretty, boho inspired toe-posts and team with a floaty skirt for a cool, relaxed look. Make life even easier by choosing some comfortable slip on mules; don’t worry if they are not too stylish a maxi dress will soon hide them. Sandals really are perfect for getting as much air to your feet as possible!  A pair of flat gladiator sandals will give your ankles a bit of support too which is just what you need when you are on your feet all day. If the day is a little cooler or perhaps you have some errands to run then a slip on pair of canvas will again keep feet cool whilst comfy. It’s about wearing whatever you feel comfortable in and working the rest of your outfit around it.

Winter Pregnancy

Winter Shoes for Mums to Be

Winter is just as tough on mums to be, with the cold weather bringing with it freezing temperatures and icy surface a good sturdy pair of shoes or boots will not only help keep feet warm but will also help keep you safe from any slips. Remember that during those cold months you are going to need to wear a thick pair of socks, go up a couple of sizes in your boots to accommodate both the socks and any ankle swelling. Choose boots that have a good grip sole so you can walk on slippy surfaces with ease. For dry wintery days a pair of soft boots will keep feet warm and comfortable, with many lined with faux shearling, it will feel like you are wearing a pair of cosy slippers. Don’t forget on those wet and windy days to choose some wellies, not only do they have a good grip sole but there are many wider fitting styles out there which are perfect for when you’re suffering with swollen ankles and feet.

Pink Baby Break

So there we have it, all our top tips and footwear advice on keeping your feet safe and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. Expecting a baby is a wonderful experience so make sure you are taking good care of yourself. A few changes to your footwear can really help with backache, swollen feet and swollen ankles; you don’t have to suffer anymore. Most importantly, enjoy it and rest those feet as much as you can, you’re going to need them for running round after the little one!


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