Must-Have RV Camping Accessories

Comfortable camping.

RVs are a camping game changer. They give you access to your favorite items while allowing you to explore the outdoors. An RV carries everything you need for your trip, from the essentials to the luxury items, to give you the comforts of home after a long day of adventuring. Keep reading to see what must-have RV camping accessories you need for your next trip.

RV Camping Accessories

RV camping accessories


Having essential tools in your RV will save you stress when something breaks. Be sure to have the basic but most common tools – like a hammer, a wrench, and different screwdrivers – on board. Most issues can be fixed with basic tools that will save you from having to call for help during your trip. Keep your tools handy in a kit so that they can be easily tucked away in a cabinet or under a bed when not in use.

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Magnetic Spice Rack

Magnetic spice racks help keep your mobile kitchen organized, no matter the size. The spice containers are magnetic, allowing you to place them on the rack without having to worry about spices spilling out of cabinet doors. Having your spices out allows you to easily reach them when you are cooking, letting you season your meals just like you would at home.

Pressure Cooker

A pressure cooker is an RV must-have. It’s compact, making it an easy item to pack. It allows you to cook home-cooked meals inside the RV or outside with an extension cord. Pressure cookers cut down cooking times, so you can have a warm meal and then get right back to exploring.


Avoid the urge to use your pressure cooker insert over a fire or grill. It can warp the shape of the insert, making it unusable.

Outdoor Rug

Create an outdoor living room feel by adding a rug to your seating area. It allows you to have a designated space outside for relaxing and can help keep you from tracking mud all over your RV. Outdoor rugs can withstand everyday weather as well as small amounts of rain without getting moldy.

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String Lights

Light up your camping area with outdoor string lights. Hook them up to your RV electrical outlets and light up your camping area when it starts to get dark. Opt for plastic lights so you don’t have to worry about breaking any glass as you travel from campsite to campsite.


Opt for citronella candles or insect-repellant candles to add lighting to your outdoor area. They will add soft lighting to your table while keeping the bugs away!

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Camping Chairs

Pull up a chair, no matter where you are. Camping chairs fold in half and are portable, letting you have seating anywhere you need it. Whether you are having friends over for a meal or sitting around a campfire, you’ll never have to worry about seating. Since camping chairs are small, you can easily store them in your RV when they are not in use. Opt for camping chairs with cup holders so you can enjoy your favorite drink after a long day of hiking.

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Portable Electric Grill

Electric grills allow you to grill up your favorite cookout foods no matter where you are. Electric grills can be plugged into an outlet on your RV and tend to heat up faster than regular grills, so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying yourself. Electric grills help you avoid messy cleanups. They are smaller than backyard grills and can be easily packed on a trip.

Portable Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are small, letting you keep drinks cold without having to worry about taking up too much countertop space. Leave your portable ice maker in your RV or bring it outside during a cookout to keep everyone’s drinks on ice. If you have a cooler, use your portable ice maker to fill up the cooler with ice. It will help keep drinks cold for a longer period of time without taking up valuable refrigerator space.

Outdoor Blankets

Outdoor blankets are great to keep in your RV because they can be used inside and outside. If you find yourself getting a little chilly, pull your outdoor blanket out to warm up by the fire. Outdoor blankets can be placed on the ground for an impromptu picnic or a place for little ones to play. Roll blankets up and place them in a storage basket in your RV to keep things organized.

Portable Fire Pit

Hanging out by the fire is a camping must. Opt for a portable fire pit to use during the colder months for a place to warm up or for a relaxing night roasting marshmallows. If you want to embrace the camping lifestyle, opt for a fire pit that allows you to cook on it. Ensure that the fire is out and the fire pit is fully cooled down before storing it in your RV.

Trash Cans

Trash bins are a kitchen essential but commonly forgotten about when camping. Having a trash bin will help you keep your campsite and RV clean. Keeping trash contained will help keep any unwanted critters away from your camp while keeping things tidy. Opt for a small trash bin that you can keep inside in a small cabinet or a taller one with a lid that you can leave in your RV kitchen.

Handheld Vacuum

Handheld vacuums are small and portable while offering similar features to a typical vacuum. While a handheld vacuum isn’t the best option for vacuuming your full home, it is great for a weekend trip in your RV. Its small size makes it easy to use while letting you store it away easily, especially when you find yourself short on storage.


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