How to bring elephant art paintings as part of your home decor

When decorating your home, one of the most important things to be considered is the Feng Shui principle. It is the Chinese ancient rule of balancing the energies in your space. Having the right energies in your living area can have positive effects on your life. Of course, your home is the place where you spend most of the time. The main reason to learn the Feng Shui rule is so we can balance the yin and yang energies and maintain a good amount of chi in the space. The main aspect of it is to create mindfulness and comfort around your environment.

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Therefore, it does matter to choose the right kind of paintings and artwork to create uplifting vibes in your home. Because a certain image of art can affect the energy in a room. Indeed, there are no specific rules of how to decorate your home to be absolutely perfect as good Feng Shui. But, it is actually all about your feeling and connection to the symbolic items in your space, and how comfortable you are with them. 

Elephant artwork is auspicious when it is placed in the right location. According to Feng Shui principles, the elephant symbol will activate the Chi energy when placed in a room. And where to invite it, it will enhance or improve your life. In many Asian cultures, the elephant is a sacred animal. It is often associated with spirituality and deities. In Buddhism, an elephant always accompanies the Buddha. For instance, in Buddhist art, it is common to see a depiction of the Lord Buddha with an elephant. For this reason, the elephant is also auspicious in Thailand. Thai people celebrate the elephant as a national symbol. The white elephant also serves as the symbolism of royalty, due to its rarity and uniqueness.

While in Hinduism, the elephant symbolizes the Lord Ganesha, who is the God of Wisdom, New Beginnings, and Success. Moreover, in Chinese language, the pronunciation of the elephant “Hsiang – 象” has the same meaning as “good luck”. Hence, Chinese people like to place elephant statues or artworks in homes and offices for good fortune and prosperity. After observing from many cultures, the symbolic meaning of the elephant includes Good fortune, Success, Strength, Knowledge, and Wisdom

Royal Thai Art team has studied and found all the useful applications of how to place an Elephant wall decor art in your home. Here are the ways to attract positive Chi, wealth, and success into your life with elephant paintings. 

Bring Good Luck and Protection

If you are looking for a way to bring Good Luck to your home, Feng Shui practitioners recommend placing an elephant wall decor at the front door or the main entrance of your home. For Good luck and Fortune, the elephant must be facing into a home. This is like a symbol of a good welcome of positive chi energy into the home. Yet, if you seek protection, then the elephant must be facing outward.

Enhance Love Relationship

For a couple who are looking for a baby or strengthening their romantic relationship, they should have a pair of elephants with intertwined trunks in a bedroom. In the real world, when two elephants cross their trunks to each other, it is a special moment that they just found a new friend or a partner. In this case, the Elephant wall decor Love art serves as a symbol of sensuality and fertility. Giving the elephants holding trunks painting to newly married couples can help bring a magical effect to their love life. Also, the seven elephants family painting is a great choice to decorate in the bedroom. Because in Feng Shui, the number seven represents “Children”, it will attract Chi energy of fertility.

Strengthen Mother and Child Bond

The perfect elephant wall decor for the nursery is the Mother and Baby elephant painting. The painting of a female elephant with her baby symbolizes maternal love. It has a beautiful meaning that represents maternal care and tenderness. This lovely elephant wall decor is a great artwork that provides an inspiration to show affection in your baby’s room. Moreover, the elephant maternal bond painting carries a lot of family values. Placing this kind of painting in the living room can also highlight love affection between family members.

Increase Success in Work and Business 

In Asian symbolism, the elephant wall decor with its trunk facing upward is a symbol of Good Luck and Victory. Placing such a character of elephant wall decor at the front door of your office will motivate success and growth in your career. Many Feng Shui practitioners said that the elephant trunk is like a vacuum that sucks up wealth luck. The image of the elephant trunk up will promote inspiring energy and add a sense of accomplishment to your work’s environment. If you seek to have an auspicious art in your new office, Trumpeting Elephant Art is a perfect choice that you must have.

Motivate Knowledge 

Elephants are incredibly smart creatures in the wildland. They are intelligent animals with large brains and a great memory. For a long time, the Elephant has been a symbol of Knowledge and Wisdom in many cultures. To encourage your children’s academic success and intelligent development, placing an elephant wall decor in a study room will reinforce motivation to learn more and grow wisdom.

When placing the elephant wall decor painting in the right location of the room, it will generate an incredible effect on your life. At the end of the day, when choosing the right animal painting for your home, the artwork should represent your personal connection to it. Not only will you benefit from the positive Feng Shui energy, but you also enjoy the beautiful perspective of artwork. Maybe this is the time for you to update your home interior design. By finding the deep connection between yourself and symbolic art, is the way to transform your living space into a place where you can truly live a deeper, richer, and meaningful life. 

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