Buddha Decor Home Interior Design Ideas

When thinking to decorate your home with a great wall art decor that has a good flow of energy, some might think of the Buddha decor wall art. Without a doubt, when we see any kind of Buddhist art, it is often associated with positive feelings of peace, harmony, balance, and tranquility. For that reason, the Buddha art paintings have become a popular showcase for interior decorating in many homes of both Buddhists and non-believers. Yet, there is some controversy come along with this religious-related decoration.

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Some believers think that it is wrong and ignorant to use a Buddha image for decoration as the house decoration because such action seems to be disregarded by the Buddhist religion. And, any kind of religious symbol should be treated with respect. However, according to Buddhist thought, if the appropriate adornments can make people and the visitors happy then it is considered to be a good thing. According to Buddha’s teaching, when you do a good thing, you make good karma!

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The bottom line is that Buddhist art can be treated as a good reminder of Lord Siddhartha Gautama or the Buddha, whose fundamental teaching is all about living life in balance with happiness and free from suffering. The peaceful representation of artwork makes the Buddha decorative art to be welcome into homes worldwide. For that reason, ROYAL THAI ART gallery offers you an opportunity to purchase beautiful Buddha paintings for house decoration with various options of themes, sizes, colors, styles, designs, and mediums all hand-painted by our talented Thai artists.

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Here we give you some tips and suggestions on how to decorate your home better with Buddha decor wall art paintings while enjoying the positive benefits from the artworks.

Living Room Wall Decor

Many interior designers have suggested that placing a large size Buddhist painting on the wall behind a couch or sofa is the best place to make it a centerpiece. Because it can catch the attention of visitors when they first enter the room. Having a Buddha artwork in the living room can bring a feeling of positivity and calmness into the ambiance of the place.

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Office Decoration

A working or study room is a place where people need good concentration in order to focus on solving a problem, finding new solutions, or studying lessons better. Therefore, bringing the presence of Buddha decor art into the room can help spread peacefulness into the room and also lessen the anxiety out of the person. The appropriate place to hang the art painting is on the sided walls or the front wall that is opposite to the study table.

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To Sum Up

At the end of the day, the whole purpose of having the Buddha art paintings in the house is to maintain peace, harmony, positivity, and calmness in the living space. Our original Buddha paintings are not just pieces of work, but meaningful decorative masterpieces that can help provide spiritual energy, bring new fresh feelings and energize your rooms with good feelings. Last but not least, these are just our advice that we think are the most appropriate ways to decorate your home with the Buddha arts. Indeed, there are no fixed or specific rules of how you want to place it. Take it in mind that, what matters the most is it is up to the home owner’s satisfaction and comfortableness. If the Buddha painting has a personal connection to you, every time when you look at the artwork it will only make you happy.


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