How To Get Pink Rose Soft Lips Naturally – Ways To Get Pink Lips

 All the women aspire to get those soft rosy lips as it adds natural beauty to the overall appearance. Many of us, who are born with soft pink lips, end up with dark lips with age.

While you have the hormones to blame to some extent for darkening of the lips, your daily habits might actually be the primary cause behind it.

The good thing is, by making small changes in your habits, you can stop the gradual darkening of the lips and with a bit extra effort you can even lighten the shade of your lips and get those rosy, pink lips that you adore.

This article will first highlight on the habits that you need to change to get rose soft lips naturally and then will move to the home treatments that can lighten your lips over time with regular use.

Pick Your Toothpaste Carefully To Get Pink Lips

If you have sensitive skin, be sure that the skin of your lips is even more sensitive. No matter which technique of brushing you follow, the toothpaste is sure to come in contact with your lips and in many case, it is the toothpaste responsible for darkening of the lips.

So, while picking your toothpaste make sure that you are picking a herbal one that will not burn your lips. Moreover, if you find that your lips look darker and drier after using some particular toothpaste, change it immediately.

To Get Rosy Lips Opt More For Natural Lip Stains

All the women love lipsticks but the chemicals in lipstick often work as the major reason for darkening of the lips. If you use lipstick regularly, it can certainly be the reason for darker lips.

In such cases, it is best if you shift to natural stains. You can also opt for lip glosses and lip stains that are made from natural ingredients and will not cause darkening of the lips even on regular use.

Do Not Miss To Clean Your Lips Well To Keep Them Soft And Pink

After you are back home, it is really important that you remove your lip makeup very carefully. Often lipstick and other lip makeup products get into the skin folds within the lips and they are not removed completely unless you pay special attention to them.

Going to the bed with even a little trace of lip makeup can be most harmful for your lips. So, once you are back home, take full care to ensure that you remove the lip makeup completely.

Use Oil Or Micellar Water For Cleansing Your Lips To Make Them Soft

Using harsh chemical based cleansers on your lips regularly is certainly not a good option. The harsh cleansers will dry out the lips and will also propel the darkening of the lips.

It is best to use micellar water or an oil (Olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil etc.) for cleansing your lips properly. If needed, use more than one swipe of the oil soaked cotton ball to make sure that there is no trace of lip makeup left.

Moisturizing Is Vital For Pink Lips

Just like your skin, your lips also need regular moisturizing. Leaving them dry will not only make your lips rough but can also make them darker.

You can easily use the face moisturizer on your lips too. In fact, that is what most of us do. There are also a number of moisturizer and lip butters available in the market that is solely formulated for taking care of your lips.

So, a lip butter or your regular face moisturizer, whatever it is, just make sure that your lips are always well moisturized with a skin friendly moisturizer.

Protect Your Lips From The Sun Too

The importance of a sunscreen is not less for your lips either. The skin of the lips is sensitive and they can easily take the burn of the harmful sun rays. So, if you are using a lip gloss or lipstick while going out, make sure that it has Sun Protection Factor.

Otherwise, apply the normal sunscreen that you use on your face, on your lips too, before opting for the makeup. Protecting your lips from the harmful UV rays is important for keeping your lips soft and rosy.

For Soft Pink Lips Scrubbing Is Vital

Scrubbing your face is important to discard the dead old cells and in the same way scrubbing your lips is vital too. Using the same scrubber for your lips that you use for your face is not the best option at hand because even the scrubbers come loaded with chemicals.

So, it is best to prepare a lip scrub at home following any of the formulas mentioned below and use it after every 4-7 days for scrubbing your lips and getting rid of the dead cells. Now, we will get to the home treatments that can give you pink, rosy lips with regular use.

However, keep in mind it is important that you follow the above suggestions minutely while using these home treatments in order to get effective results.

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