Choose an animated painting or a border painting?

Choose the picture you think is more suitable. Because, the young home owners do not just design beautiful space for their own living room? It could be a bedroom, a dining room, a playroom for small children or a reading room / home office. Canvas painting is a bad idea for the home office. Because this is also the space to maximize our creative ability

Pay attention to color harmony and hanging position in the house to choose canvas paintings

Do not forget the harmonious combination of colors, location and paintings with pictures of houses. Sometimes choosing a painting is not only about each individual consciousness. Make full use of your aesthetic

If you hang a picture in the living room, you can think of the position above the TV shelf or just behind the sofa. Or maybe break down with nearby locations, specially sorting small paintings by theme.

Trust in your eyes and consult with the designer if necessary.

Don’t forget to find the address to buy unique canvas paintings!

This house, this space is yours so never indifferent to interior design, especially how to choose canvas paintings!

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