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Big Cover Cushion Concealer Review | tashamichaela

Before we get started I just wanted to let you guys know that this is one of the reviews I will be doing of my mini haul. These products were bought from @seoulfindsmnl on instagram so if you see something you want to purchase, just head over to their account. I’m going to be reviewing each of these products starting with the Etude House Big Cover Cushion Concealer in Peach Pink. Keep posted for the rest!


I have this in the shade Peach Pink which is supposed to help cover up dark circles and possibly brighten up that area. Dark circles and puffy under eyes are some of my dilemmas so I thought I’d get the product in this shade. According to Etude House, the Cushion Concealer is a creamy, liquid concealer that includes a finger cushion puff to cover flaws naturally anytime, anywhere with customized correcting color for complete, flawless skin.

The product also claims that it make the skin healthy and shiny, cover pimples, dark circles and other visible blemishes on the skin.

1. Press the back part of the button 1-2 times, apply the side of a finger cushion puff onto the desired area, and rub it in lightly along skin texture to promote absorption.
2. Use the front side of the finger cushion and tap lightly to blend, avoiding the lines.
Pressing the back part of the button 1-2 times didn’t get the product to the tip for me. I actually overdid the pressing and dispensed more of the concealer than I needed so I advise that you just be careful with that.
As mentioned earlier, I have the shade Peach Pink. There are six other colors in this line of Cushion Concealers. Three of which function as color correctors and the other three are mainly for the purpose of coverage.
Pictures of the various colors below ↓

The product comes in a simple pink box with the name of the product in the front.
It looks like a pen at first glance especially because of the clicky-clicky button at the end of it. The packaging is pretty simple with a feminine touch because of the pink shade. Although, the different shades of the product come in their respective colors.
The soft sponge tip applicator reminds me a lot of Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind concealer. This photo was taken during the time I dispensed way too much product… as you can tell.
As you can see, there is a slight pink tint to the concealer. This tint will help brighten up the under eyes as well as cover dark circles.


The first thing I notice when I tried this on was that there was a very faint glue-ish scent. It honestly didn’t bother me much but you might want to know that if you’re someone who takes product scents into consideration.

Since the product was a bit thick, it was a little hard to blend and pat into my skin. The application became a lot easier once I used some mist on my beauty blender. I also tried using my fingers and felt how sticky the product actually was. I found this to be a good thing since it adhered to the skin better and the product didn’t slip and slide everywhere because of this.

If you’re wondering why my complexion turned a bit brighter, it’s because I brought the product to my upper eye area and also to the side of my nose to see if it would even out the darkness around those parts as well… and it looks like it did!
I’m wore this concealer under my eyes for today. This was taken just before I left for dance practice which is why I’m only wearing some light make-up. My hair is also kinda… you get it. Aha. The concealer helped even out my skin tone and cover up the dark areas under my eyes. Thumbs up.
After trying the product out  I thought it did a great job in brightening up the whole area of my eyes, not just the dark circles. It also had enough coverage to even out my skin tone especially around the darkened areas. It didn’t do much for the puffiness or the lines under my eyes though, but I didn’t expect it to anyway. A different product should be used for that. It would be better if it didn’t have that glue-ish smell… but maybe it’s just me? Also, it would be better if the product was easier to blend. A creamier formula without sacrificing the slight stickyness of it  would be good.

– brightens up the eyes
 – the pink tint helps in correcting the darkness in the eye area
– good, buildable coverage
– slightly difficult to blend into the skin
 – odd scent
 – doesn’t help with under eye puffiness or lines

RATING (4/5 STARS) ★★★★☆
I would recommend this to those who suffer from darkness in the eye area.
Upper eye area, under eye area… I feel you. Although, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this to those who have problems with under eye puffiness and the lines that are caused by this. The product would mostly benefit those who just want to give their eyes a brightened and more awake look rather than remedy problems other than darkness of the skin.

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